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Avast Ultimate Review

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    Avast ultimate is a security tool with an excellent detection rate and amazing additional features. Its malware scan scored 100 percent in my tests. Additionally, its web security blocked phishing websites that were able to get past Chrome’s and Firefox’s default security. Other features include the Rescue Disk, a secure browser for online banking and shopping, advanced tracker blocking, and an VPN.

    The user interface of the suite is intuitive. The main screen shows a list with icons that clearly describe the functions of each tool. The color scheme of Avast is orange white, blue, and. It’s easy to read and pleasing to the eyes.

    You will find the precise controls for each tool under the Explore menu. This includes custom scans and boot time scanning and an automatic updater. You can also save a particular type of scan in the «Scan Center» so that you can use it again at a later time.

    Advanced features of Avast can help stop ransomware by observing your computer for suspicious activity and encrypting files that may be targeted. It can detect trojan horses (malicious programs that disguise themselves as legitimate software that infiltrate your computer) and block them from running.

    Avast’s security products are backed by 24/7 live chat, email, and phone support. The free versions of the product are backed by a vast community and knowledge base and paid plans come with advanced features such as identity protection unlimited VPN, USB protection and patch management.


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