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How to Choose the Right Board Portal Tools for Your Organization

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    Whether you’re looking to upgrade your boardroom’s technology or use new tools that facilitate collaboration and making decisions, there are plenty of options for your organization. The trick to finding the best solution is to gain the support of all stakeholders, which includes both board members and executives. Here are some suggestions to ensure that the implementation is smooth and successful.

    Be sure that your board portal is equipped with all the features you require to enhance the governance and productivity of your organization. Consider, for example the ability to collaborate in meetings regardless of where the participants are physically located. To streamline the preparation of meetings, choose an app that syncs with everyone’s schedules and provides agenda templates for boards. Some portals also offer a feature that automatically generates minutes of meetings and allows users to electronically sign documents.

    The security features of the portal are also important. Make sure the software provides audit trails of every user activities and blocks the unauthorized access to sensitive information. Also, look for a pricing structure that aligns with your organizational budget and includes various options for licensing that are scalable.

    Choose a board portal that is user-friendly. It should be easy to use for directors and administrators regardless of their technology ability. It should also be compatible with all devices and not overwhelm directors with features they won’t be using. This will allow for an easy and effective acceptance of the tool and increase its value. Moreover, it will reduce the amount of time and money spent on administrative tasks that require manual effort and coordination of meetings.

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