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The Benefits of Audit Trails and Document Tracking

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    Documentation is crucial when your company is subject to an audit or a compliance review. Document tracking allows you to create an electronic trail of each actions that can be reviewed or shared with anyone. Audit trails and document tracking can be extremely beneficial to your business and can help you avoid costly penalties and fines for failing to meet rules and regulations.

    For instance, HIPAA requires healthcare providers to keep accurate records of patient data. Other industries also have to keep records and accountable particularly when www.dataescape.com/audit-trails-and-document-tracking they have complicated processes like purchasing new equipment or processing loan applications or sending invoices to customers.

    However, many companies struggle to make sure that each process is documented and recorded correctly. Using an audit trail that covers the entire process from beginning to end, is a great way to reduce the chance of human error and provide a clear picture of all work that was completed.

    To maintain an audit trail, it is important to ensure that all actions and tasks are incorporated into the specific workflow. Duplicate entries or those already recorded in a different part of the process must be eliminated. This will reduce the time required to review audit trails and prevent any discrepancies.

    Folderit’s tracking features generate an audit trail for all files. It will reveal when the file has been transferred into or removed from the folder, and also who was responsible for it. This gives managers accountability and team members. It also helps to eliminate the question, «And who wanted this by when?» as well as providing transparency that can be viewed at any time for any document.

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